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Tarot Card paintings

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The Over Familiar - Sexton 2014

Marburae Art Gallery Macclesfield, Cheshire

Exhibition November 2014
6 paintings, from the series ‘The over Familiar’ will be presented at the Marburae Gallery in 2014

‘The Over Familiar’ exhibition title refers to some kind of question about how we may, in some ways be gelling all our visual experience…

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From The Ballad of Arthur McBride

The Curator presents
OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection

195 – 205 Union Street London SE1 0LN

I try to avoid stereotypical ideas of research, for me, it puts life in a laboratory…

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The Big Egg Hunt 2013

Leonard Sexton’s egg entitled A binary pair – container for the union of opposites was created exclusively for The big egg hunt 2013

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HESA Magazine 2012

After some research I settled on red as the predominant colour. Red breeds life. Observation, conversation with visual experiment along side, eventually lead me into staining red over the painted surface at varying moments to capture some aspect of felt intensity. The pouring over the painting at various stages came from a desire to convey a sense of trapping the whole experience, along with the colour red this idea implies the constant pumping of living tissue, it also implied the ideas of entrapment, burst ear drums, external sound blocked off and lead to ideas of obsession and addiction. A different sense of movement and breath. The paintings are set to convey a new sense of movement which is driven by obsession and addiction.

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