Leonard Sexton


Seascapes Seamus Ennis Art Center Ireland April – June 2017

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Somewhere City paintings March 2017

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The Luciano Benetton collection of Contemporary Artists 2016

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New Waves Exhibition 2016

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Competition selection for Buro Four, Thirty for Thirty exhibition at the National Theatre 2015

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The Alternative Art fair, London, 10th – 14th June 2015.

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SCOOP and Paolo Tullio

SCOOP and Paolo Tullio (who is writing the Foreword to the book) have asked 35 of Ireland’s most loved artists to produced an artwork and brilliantly creative recipe to go along with it. Launch September 2015. more

Central Hall Westminster 2015 – 14th – 17th January 2015

Representing and showcasing some of Ireland�s most established and emerging artists in Ireland and the U.K. Click to view

TIAF London 2014 – Private view 15th October 2014

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The Over Familiar – Exhibition November 2014

6 paintings, from the series �The over Familiar� will be presented at the Marburae Art Gallery Macclesfield, Cheshire in 2014
The exhibition title refers to some kind of question about how we may, in some ways be gelling all our visual experience�

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The Curator – presents OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection 2014

Leonard Sexton, selected by The Curator, will present the first painting from his new collection ‘The Ballad of Arthur McBride’
195 – 205 Union Street London SE1 0LN
Exhibition open by appointment only 24th June – 27th June
Exhibition continues 28th – 29th JUNE

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TIAF London – The Independent Artist fair Oct 2013

The Independent Artist fair in London exhibits 50 selected contemporary artists from Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.
Sexton’s paintings: ‘In Need of Assistance’ – from the series ‘Matters of unsustainable weight’ and ‘Multiple Perspectives’ – from the series ‘A London Room’ were selected for the exhibition.

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Recent events

Torr Vale Mill – Derbyshire Open Arts festival 2013

Sexton will exhibit a selection of drawings and paintings loosely based around his recent project – A matter of Unsustainable Weight

Invited by New Mills Arts for the Derbyshire Open Arts festival 25th – 27th May 2013

At Torr Vale Mill, Torr Vale Road, New Mills, SK22 3HS

11am – 5pm

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The Big Egg Hunt 2013

Leonard Sexton’s egg entitled A binary pair – container for the union of opposites was created exclusively for The big egg hunt 2013

Acceptance by the tribe does not always lead to universal good will

Leonard Sexton’s triptych from the series A LONDON ROOM
is currently showing at the Ranelagh Art Festival 15th � 30th Sep 2012 View


Leonard Sexton’s self portrait is currently at Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford Self

Images From the Life of a Dancer

Six canvases were selected from this recently completed series of paintings, ‘Images From The Life of a Dancer’, for an issue on addiction for HESA inprint magazine in Finland. This is a link to their website. The article is also in our news section.

Working Drawings

A selection of working drawings from the project ‘Images from the Life of a Dancer’ can be viewed by clicking here.

Artist’s Note: Images from the Life of a Dancer

Locked in the dance forever? Possibly a dancer’s dream. Firstly, perhaps the paintings are for them, movement and experience are all the one here the dancer performs forever. The coils and changes within the paintings, make reference to the dancers emotional state while performing. It’s the presence of the dancer that’s elusive, they seem to me to be a cauldron of moving expression, with constant re-alignment they’re caught up in an ever evolving state, power and mystery?

The paintings are a look at the personality of the dancer, their deep belief and involvement, the paintings make reference to the fact that they constantly question their movement, their commitment is deep. The paintings then battle to express this emotional state that drives them through a beautiful process.

The paintings are set up to champion the battle of the dancer, mental, physical and emotional.

Socially they are forced to walk around in real time like the rest of us, but like all artists fight furiously not to let this social state over ride their belief and determination to dance, that’s their politic. The spirit of the dancer fights to be heard. I attempt to portray the ‘mind set’ that exists in the moment of performance. I can�t or won’t show what they do, as I consider it weak, a stealing, a near grave robbing, their task. I’ll make reference to it but mainly deal with what I met, which is being in the presence of this wonderful thing, the mental and physical strength, the Dancer.

They physically do what S�amus Heaney wrote all artist mentally always do, ‘boulders hurled through unchartered space.’

These paintings are perhaps difficult to understand, the dancer is then impossible to understand, but it is all perfectly clear when they dance.

It’s important because we know there is so much about us that we can not put words to, the dancer understands this ephemeral other need to communicate, in them it is a must, they know its importance but can only make reference to it when they dance. It is more than enough I think.